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About Brainstring Original Retro

Brainstring Original is a patented brilliant new puzzel game for people between 7 and 70. Brainstring Original comprises a transparant polycarbonate cube with 12 elastic strings. Using an ingenius pattern of incisions the strings can be moved through the cube. The result: complex knots appear on the inside. The main goal of the game is to switch the outside button colors, without creating a knot inside. It seems impossible but...

Ages: 6+

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  • 8 x 8 cm
  • transparant polycarbonate cube
  • 24 buttons, 12 elastic strings
  • CE and international safety qualifications
  • Blister Box Packaging


MEAS:55.6 x 43.8 x 28.6cm
Package qty24 pcs
G.W.:6.93 Kgs
N.W.:2.45 Kgs


MOQ: 1000 species
No sales can be undertaken without prior sales agreement

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