Our Origins

Recent Toys International was launched in 2001 with the invention of Brainstring by puzzle enthusiast, Guido Lap. Brainstring quickly achieved international success as puzzlers around the world were strung out over this baffling brainteaser. This lead him to collaborate with other world-renowned inventors to create new puzzles with completely original concepts.

Our Puzzles

At Recent Toys we delight in making puzzles for all ages and all abilities. We believe that a good puzzle assortment serves all ages and skill sets. Whether you’re good at math, logic, patterns, or just tenacious enough to muscle through it, we have a puzzle that’s right for you.

And while all of our puzzles are unique in style, they all share the following common elements.

  • Simplicity – our puzzles are simple to explain. We want to save your brain power for solving the puzzles, not understanding the game play
  • Smart  – our puzzles are built to challenge your brain to think in new ways
  • Durable – our puzzles are built to last. Because the only thing better than solving a puzzle is passing it on to someone else to watch them sweat!
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