Constantin Beautiful Puzzles in Fine Metal and Hardwood


Jean Claude Constantin is one of the most prolific puzzle inventors of our generation. His creative and diverse creations are acclaimed for beautiful designs and challenging solutions. For our launch of Constantin puzzles for a worldwide audience, we have produced a selection of some of his best puzzles in fine metal and hardwood.

Constantin Classics

Craftsmanship, creativity, and a cool design. This is what Constantin Classic puzzles are all about. From the moment you take it out of its hardwood packaging, you’ll experience something timeless.

RecentToys - The Waiter's Tray - Constantin - Recent Toys -Packaging

Constantin Arrangement Puzzles

Ever stuffed your suitcase a hundred times before you find just the right fit?? This is what Constantin Packing puzzles are about. Sure, everything fits perfectly… but you might not think so at first, because there’s only one way!


Constantin Metal Puzzles

Constantin Wire puzzles are inspired by everyday objects such as bicycles, telephones and light bulbs. These are gifts to meant to challenge your mind at three different levels of difficulty–from seemingly easy to (almost) impossible!



Constantin Games

How many pieces can you stack in a minute? How high can you go? All figures in Constantin games hardwood and are a delight to play with. Hold your breath, steady your nerves, stack, balance, exhale…



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